My father used to say, “Trust is like a fragile egg. Once it’s broken, you can’t put it back together again.” TideLine Design is a company built on your trust in us. We value your trust in our ability, and look for every opportunity to prove that we are the best company to service your trade show needs.

Kronus, a provider of specialized immunoassay test kits to medical professionals at the world’s most respected laboratory facilities, is an example of a long-lasting relationship built on trust and reliability.  Kronus was originally referred to us by an independent graphic designer. We worked with one of Tami’s other clients and she felt we would be a good fit for Kronus.  We don’t take referrals lightly, and seven years later we still maintain our relationship with Kronus and Big Graphics.

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Grateful Partnership

We’ve been fortunate in the range of deliverables we’ve been able to provide Kronus. One of our first projects was a 10’ wide D4 display. This display system is a high-end, architecturally inspired banner stand system built with aircraft cable, fabric banner graphics, decorative base plates and halogen lighting. Other small-venue items include dye-sublimated fabric table throws, tech banner stands, and sign literature holders. A couple of our favorite projects include  10×20 and  10×10 eco-booths. Both of these exhibits were built from the ground up with recycled materials. These environmentally-minded displays were high on design and low on carbon footprint. We continue to offer green exhibits.

TideLine Design has a mission of environmental responsibility. By replacing the graphics on these existing displays, we have been able to “refresh” the brand and stay current with the client’s marketing needs. The length of time Kronus has been able to use these displays is testament to both the quality of hardware and timeless design of the exhibits themselves.

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What our Clients are Saying

“Working with TideLine Design is not only seamless, but they also far exceed our expectations on quality of goods and level of customer service. From the start, TideLine Design took our exhibit booth projects to the next level with clever design and on-point creativity. We will continue to work with TideLine Design and recommend their services with the utmost confidence.”

– Ryan Marr, Senior Sales & Marketing Assistant, KRONUS, Inc.

“We have referred several of our Clients to TideLine Design over the years, and they have always provided them with exceptional service. TideLine’s quality and ability to deliver on time and within budget, is a constant we can count on over and over. They are a pleasure to work with.”

– Tami Bosworth, Owner, Big Graphics, Inc.