PLEXIS Healthcare Systems is a leading payer technology company that delivers trusted enterprise core administration and claims management solutions to healthcare payers and delivery systems around the globe. Based in Ashland, Oregon, PLEXIS currently serves organizations in 37 states (doing business in all 50), 15 countries, and over 70 million people worldwide.

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Plexis needed a couple of 10×10 exhibits that could be shipped to multiple, overlapping shows. The target market and messaging for several of the shows differed for most of the venues. The client’s basic requirements were:
• A large monitor to showcase software examples;
• Graphics must display high-level messaging;
• Greeting counter with storage for giveaways and literature; and
• Portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble.


Medallion offered an easy solution for this project. The split wall design allowed us to focus messaging and visually define the large monitor from the graphics. We accentuated the large wall with a sloping canopy allowing room for lighting. One of the biggest impacts came from actual butcher block for the two counters. This aesthetic continues to receive overwhelming compliments and stops the client’s prospects in their tracks, which allow visitors time to consider who and what Plexis does. We designed a freestanding iPad stand into the space and branded it with complimenting graphics to the back wall. The open-frame aluminum construction is easy to assemble and allows printing pillowcase graphics on both sides, doubling our messaging possibilities. Everything was packed into roto-molded cases, then onto pallets. This packing scenario allows us to break out various components of the booth when only portions of it are needed. Additionally, when everything is packed separately all the exhibit properties are ensured to stay safe in transit.

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Client Testimonial

“TideLine Design is unequivocally the gold standard for trade show strategy and design. Over the course of four years and 60+ trade shows with TideLine, we ALWAYS receive the unsolicited ‘you have the best booth’ comments. Moreover, TideLine is an expert in managing cost, logistics and design. Bottom line, once you work with TideLine, anything else is second best. They recommended the Medallion line based on the quality, design, ease of assembly, and weight – all factors that have saved us an incredible amount of money throughout the year. They worked with us to customize the booth to fit our brand and budget. Simple recommendation here – Do not buy a booth until you see and learn about a Medallion booth first.”
– Dan Jimmerson, Director of Marketing, Plexis Healthcare Systems

The Products

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