Your annual trade show is just a few months away and you told yourself after last year’s show that you would make a serious impression this year. You had big plans for this year’s show, including a new custom exhibit that showcases what your business is all about. You’re 90 days out and you still haven’t started this project! Now what? Don’t worry…you have help! Professional trade show exhibits often come from companies that specialize in this sort of thing. Here are a couple of ideas to get you started quickly and to make sure you’re ready to wow the crowd this year!

1. Blocked creatively?

It’s understandable if you can’t come up with a design idea that makes you happy. Not many of us are gifted that way. But, not to worry! There are hundreds, if not thousands, of exhibit examples available online to give you some ideas on the type of display you may want. If you need graphics help, then you’ll want to find a graphics designer with the experience necessary to create the branding image that makes the most out of the exhibit you choose. Your designer needs to integrate your exhibit with your branding efforts to ensure they both lead to the same destination. Here’s one of our recent blog articles about the importance of getting this aspect right.

2. Renting an exhibit is an option!

That’s right…you can rent a high-quality trade show exhibit. Like most things, it’s always more economical to purchase versus rent, but that doesn’t mean it’s always smart to purchase. This may be your first show and you’re not sure if this is something you want to do in the long-term. According to Featherlite, an industry leader in trade show exhibits, there are some advantages to renting:

  • Test-drive the property before you make a purchase commitment.
  • Make a bigger impact with a smaller budget.
  • Control your cost by eliminating storage and service fees.
  • Remain flexible to keep pace with changing marketing needs.
  • Avoid the red tape associated with capital expenditures.

While there are many, many decisions to be made prior to your show, finding a local pro to help will give you some breathing room and allow you to focus on what’s most important…growing your business!