Questionnaire for Planning Your Trade Shows and Exhibits

Trade shows are a highly effective way for companies to reach new clients, but there’s a ton of work that goes into a show, both on the floor and behind the scenes: designing the booth, branding, reservations, permitting, set-up, dealing with vendors, shipping, and more.

We’re very familiar with this list. TideLine Design has been providing exceptional service for all aspects of trade shows and exhibits for nearly twenty years. If you’re just starting to exhibit at trade shows, or if you’re ready to take your show presence to the next level, Tideline Design can help.

To get you started, we’re happy to provide this form outlining the many options and details available for your booth.

Once you’re done, you’ll receive an emailed copy of the form with your answers. We’ll receive a copy, and we’ll be in touch to follow up very soon!

As an alternative, you can download the questionnaire here.

Questionnaire for Planning Your Trade Shows and Exhibits
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