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This beautiful 20×30 exhibit was built custom for BodyBuilding.com. The Client is well known within their circuit of shows and has a reputation for drawing huge crowds to their space. Their goal was to move from smaller inline configurations into a larger island configurations to increase visibility and presence on show floor. The space needed to include a large conference room, lots of storage, a stage, and large counter to distribute give-aways. About two weeks prior to the Mr. Olympia show 2010 , the Client realized they weren’t going to get the island configuration they had hoped for. They were instead, limited to the 10′x90′ inline configuration they agreed to at the end of the last year’s show. So, we were tasked with reconfiguring at the last minute. Our backs were up against the wall with both the budget and show date. In efforts to create a cohesive environment, we dug into the Client’s inventory and found some popup displays to fill the space and carry the additional messaging required. By simply refinishing both the 10×20 serpentine display and the 10×10 curved popup display we were able to get them to the show with a “brand new” exhibit. he modularity of the matrix system and quick thinking on the part of all involved was the reason for our success. Oh, yeah… and the inline was to be packed and split shipped to a show from Vegas to New York three days later. The configuration: 10×20. No Problem!