PakSense designs and produces environmental monitoring solutions that ensure the quality and safety of food, pharmaceutical and other environmentally sensitive products. PakSense solutions result in safer, fresher and higher-quality products. After years of using simple display materials, PakSense was posed to invest in an expanded, contemporary and sophisticated exhibit to showcase its brand and products. PakSense approached TideLine Design, Inc. to design and build an exhibit to debut at the 2015 PMA expo. After interviewing several exhibit companies, PakSense chose TideLine based on our exceptional production design, tradeshow knowledge, and trusted service.

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PakSense required an exhibit functional to their needs for this and future shows to convey the spirit of their new brand, and energy and direction driving the company. While they primarily exhibit in a 10×20 space, they needed the versatility to exhibit to two separate 10×10 displays. PakSense also wanted a lightweight display manageable for one person to set up and take down. Their original requests included:

  • Smart board monitor that with mobile interaction capabilities
  • A seating or meeting area where sales staff could gather for discussions with prospects and clients
  • A demonstration table and shelving to highlight sample product
  • Storage was a must and the booth
  • A contemporary and sophisticated design

This clean lined, simple tool-less setup, packs conveniently into two cases that can be shipped separately for independent 10×10 setup. The setback portion of the display features a back-lit angled panel that juxtaposes well with the forward monitor wall and canopy. The walk in closes, offering plentiful storage. Elegant and strategically placed shelving and a counter provide space to highlight products. The contemporary styled meeting table allows exhibitors opportunity to interact with visitors. The counter and meeting table also fit into packing cases via their knock-down design.


TideLine Design met PakSense’s chief needs – versatility and easily assembled by one person – on time and under budget. The exhibit allows PakSense to showcase its brand and products for years to come at a variety of display opportunities.

Client Testimony

TideLine Design helped PakSense solidify our place in the face-to-face marketing arena with our new booth. Bill and team understood our needs (even when we didn’t understand them all ourselves) and designed an exhibit that met set-up and material requirements, the “look and feel” that is the PakSense brand, and did it all with-in budget.  The sales team’s pride-of-ownership improved staff performance, and our booth set the stage for face-to-face interactions with VIP attendees; all translating into higher quality leads and improved brand awareness.

What I appreciate most about Tideline Design is that they feel like an extension of my marketing department. They are always ready to tackle a project, offer creative solutions and provide support when I have a hiccup on the trade show floor. In short, Tideline delivers value, creative design, and support; all within budget and above the competition.”

– Rachel Beckler, Marketing Communications Manager, PakSense.