Pets Global, Inc is an independent holistic wellness company founded on a passion for animal welfare. As avid pet owners, they understand the mutual bond that exists between people and their animal companions, and it’s this connection that drives them to research and produce the highest quality, Physiologically Tuned™ recipes for total pet nutrition.

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The process of change is daunting and we find most of our Clients have an idea for what they want, but aren’t sure how to describe it. With Pets Global, we decided the best approach was to meet at their next trade show and walk the hall with the person charged with the redesign. This accomplishes several goals.

1. Experiencing the Client’s current environment in person allows us to get a first hand look into what they are currently doing and better understand what is working and what isn’t.

2. It allows us to see what their competitors are doing and to discuss with the Client how to approach their space in relation to their competitors. For example, is the goal to showboat, to mimic, to boast, or to introduce something new or improved.

3. Finally, an on-site visit is a great opportunity to walk the hall to evaluate other exhibits in the same industry. Custom exhibit fabrication isn’t cheap.  Even more expensive are the logistic and show services costs. A walk through with the Client to compare their design preferences to their budget, can help both parties determine a solid design direction. Additionally, this is a great opportunity to see what the competition is doing and what design trends exist on show floor.


We established that Pet’s Global’s primary objective for these shows was to meet with new and existing retailers face-to-face to discuss orders, new products, practices, questions or concerns. They wanted one larger semi-private meeting area for more formal meetings and several causal meeting areas for writing orders or simply catching up and camaraderie. We started with the tower, which allow us to add storage, vertical presence and a privacy barrier for the formal conference room. Or goal afterward was to balance several meeting areas without “boxing in” the space. Seating areas generally require significant real estate and designing several of them into small spaces requires a keen eye for form and function. By utilizing several “half-walls” we were able to divide the space and allow for beautiful large format photography to help bring out the essence of the exhibit as a whole.

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Client Testimonial

“They built us
 an exhibit that truly reflects the quality of our products while simultaneously capturing our uniqueness and company culture. TideLine was very easy to work with and they immediately respond to any of our concerns.”

– Neil Thompson, Director of Sales, Pets Global, Inc.