Grab the attention of your target audience with the instant impact of graphics and images. Our team of graphic designers are highly trained in B2B and B2C communication, and we can help your brand grow with our graphics services.

We can provide high-impact graphics for any environment, from trade shows to online media, large format and even 3D printing. Use the menu or scroll down to see TideLine Design’s graphics services, and give us a call or contact us to start making your brand stand out.


Sustainable Graphics

We are pleased to announce our newest options to Green Exhibiting! Here at TideLine Design, Inc., we are committed to keeping our forests green and the water clean. As an Idaho based company, we have one of the largest protected forests in the lower 48 states accompanied by abundant lakes and rivers to play in. We want to be sure we are doing our part to keep them pristine for everyone to enjoy.

The tradeshow and event industry has spent many years developing stronger materials and chemicals that take longer to break down, some of which end up releasing harmful pollutants into the air and water. Earth friendlier products are designed to break down as quickly as possible after the product has fulfilled its purpose.

We offer such products in the form of  trade-show displays and graphics. There is a elegance to the look and feel of organic materials, papers, and fabrics all the while, good for everyone.

The solutions are available and plentiful.  Whenever possible, we will offer you green products appropriate for your marketing objectives. Keeping the environment and your budget in mind to accomplish visual solutions is like walking a tightrope.  Eco products are not necessarily more expensive and we hope you are at least open to consider the alternatives to traditional materials. We are here to help guide you through the production choices to figure out what is best for your marketing goals.

Please click here and visit our “graphics” gallery filled with sustainable graphics and graphic production practices.

Trade Show Graphics

TideLine Design, Inc. has been designing and producing trade show graphics for over 14 years. We understand the tight budgetary and time constraints you are under. Your task lists are long and deadlines are impending and this is where we thrive. Producing trade show graphics is only half the job, the other is ensuring that your colors are consistent, spelling has been checked, prints and materials will work, packaging the graphics so as to show up undamaged. You shouldn’t be bothered with the details of our business. All you should be concerned with, when hiring us to produce your tradeshow signs and graphics is that you know, without a doubt, that they will be produced properly and will show up on time.

Visit our gallery to view samples of our Trade Show Graphics.

Graphic Design

TideLine Design, Inc. is a full service visual and creative firm. While our specialty and niche lies within tradeshow and events, we pride ourselves on all facets of visual deliverables for Marketing Communication functions. Graphic Design is at the core of our business model, philosophy and approach to your branding objectives. We believe our exhibit systems need to compliment your tradeshow message and brand first, and wow the attendees second. By incorporating good graphic design into the overal flow and structural design of your exhibit, the event audience will naturally migrate toward you, and understand the message you want them to retain. By allowing TideLine Design, Inc. to manage your presence on the road, you are ensured a consistent and well planned tradeshow strategy. We are tirants for your brand and accept nothing less than total consistency among every aspect of your companies campaign. We understand the immense pressure you are under to launch a successful show. We understand the financial committment you have made by attending these shows, and work fevorishly for you to make sure all of your brand elements are correct. Graphic design efforts and considerations from us include:

preshow email blasts, mailers and ad campaigns
tradeshow business cards, brocures, handouts, takehomes, etc.
exhibit messaging, branding, and retention efforts
trade show landing pages for information, and attendee information gathering
post-show mailers, catalogs, brochures, etc.
post trade show email and web campaigns

The list of our abilities and willingness to be your personal graphic design firm is endless. We are confident that our experience and talents will exceed your expectations. Please click here to visiit our graphic design gallery.

Large Format Graphics

In the world of trade shows and retail environments, bigger is better.

We believe in utilizing big graphics to convey environment, message, mood and theme. However, our first approach to each project is to carefully consider the visual cohesiveness, graphic design, content placement and surrounding environment. Visuals, regardless of size, need to be visually and contextually appropriate for their setting. Tradeshow, roadside, vehicle and other, less “intimate” and closely held graphics must be easy to read and quick to comprehend.

Large format printing isn’t cheap, and it is the tendency to want to maximize this expensive space with as much content and verbiage as possible. Ironically, the more complicated the visual and/or wordier the content, the less that will be read and comprehended.

Our approach at TideLine Design is to first consider the goal and message, then how best to deliver that within the space provided. Gone is the novelty of large digital graphics, simply for the sake of being able to afford to print big. This means that you need to consider how best to utilize the processes and materials that are available, as opposed to simply printing large for printing large’s sake. 

By considering the goal first, and delivery of that goal second, we maximize effectiveness by grabbing eyeballs and converting glances to informed consumers. We assign the appropriate material and print process to accomplish that goal, in order to maximize your investment in the large format digital tradeshow graphics.

TideLine Design, Inc. has been working within the large format market for over 18 years and can custom tailor your campaign, message, brand, etc. to the process and material appropriate for your mission and deliverables. Wrapping your office, draping the side of your building, rebranding your exhibit? Please consider TideLIne Design as your first step in the process.

Click here to be taken into our gallery to view some of our large format digital projects.