The J.R. Simplot Company is one of the largest privately held food and agribusiness companies in the nation. The J.R. Simplot Company’s Plant Sciences team developed Innate™ Technology, an innovative biotechnology platform for improving crops. Innate makes it possible to enhance a potato plant’s desirable traits without introducing foreign genes into the plant.

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The Challenge:
Simplot’s Plant Science group wanted to promote their Russet Burbank Generation 2 potatoes at the 2016 Potato Expo. Among other benefits, this potato has enhanced cold storage capabilities, which was selected as the main theme and message for the expo. A larger space became available two months before the show allowing Simplot to increase its booth size from a 10×20 inline to a much larger 20’ x 30’ island configuration. The new space promised greater visibility and the opportunity to meet with a larger audience to discuss Simplot’s important breakthrough. Unfortunately, the Plant Sciences group did not own any properties that could be repurposed. With a limited budget, the challenge was how to fill the space, introduce the product, and generate interest and discussion.

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The Solution:
TideLine Design and Simplot Plant Sciences agreed on an igloo as the central focal point. Unfortunately the construction costs and logistic to build an igloo were above budget. After several drawings, quotes and discussions, the client proposed a simple inflatable igloo. With the main element decided, we went to work designing an environment that would compliment the igloo and promote the brand and new potato. Because the space was at the back of the hall, we opted for a large 20’h x 30’w banner that would ground the space and set the scene. We chose a simple snow scene as the backdrop to give the space depth and purpose. By positioning rafter lights on the hanging sign, it could be seen from across the hall. The custom inlay carpet further unified the space and focused visitors’ eyes to the igloo. A custom display case coffee table showcased the potatoes served as a gathering place for in-depth conversations. The client elevated the space with a faux fire pit, snow and LED ice cubes. The results and show response was a complete success.

Client Testimonial
“We wanted to imaginatively promote our cold storage potato, using an igloo or life-size freezer image, or even faux giant blocks of ice. The question became, “How do we accomplish our vision and goals, yet keep costs manageable?” Creatively, TideLine offered solutions at every turn. Working together, we were able whittle costs down by several thousand dollars. I cannot compliment them enough on their work ethic and professionalism, and will continue to choose TideLine Design on future projects.”
– Christena Graves Compton, Marketing and Logistics, Simplot Plant Sciences, Boise, ID