The Loop designs, sells, and installs audio, video, and control systems, leveraging both their clients’ existing hardware and new hardware. The Loop approached TideLine Design looking for additions to their existing display and 10×20 floor plan. They owned, and were happy with a decorative truss system, which allowed them to project on a large screen toward the back of their exhibit space. They were looking for a portable way to display examples of products and services they provide that separate them from their closest competitor.

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The Loop approached us with a concept for these display cases, as a way to showcase the unique products and services they offer. With only 10 days until their home show, we wasted no time planning, designing, and building these one-of-a-kind displays. The client was concerned with how they would transport and store the displays while not in use. This became one of our biggest challenges. We needed the displays to be structural enough to support all the products, yet built to fold flat for transport and storage. The client wanted to finish the face of the display with graphics. This posed a challenge as they also wanted to cut holes into the material to mount examples of the systems they install and sell.


We decided to build the home-show display utilizing birch and black laminating in order make the base disappear and take a back-seat to the products that were to be featured. We designed hinges at the sides so that they would fold flat onto the base. The back simply slid into place via small post and hole hinges. Utilizing black high density PVC board (Sintra), we printed the graphics in duatone to provide a backdrop for the products. By placing Velcro on the perimeter, the client can easily remove the fascia graphic after the show.


The Loop now comfortably stands out from its closest competitor. In short order, TideLine Design ran with The Loop’s vision to create these unique, portable displays to complement their existing exhibit materials while also showcasing their products and services.

Client Testimony

“TideLine was great adapting to our unique application and getting the resources together quickly and easily to match our tight schedule.  We came to him with a rough idea of what we wanted, but they helped us solidify those ideas into an actual product.  His team is knowledgeable and great to work with.  We will be working with them more in the future.”
– Eric Crawford, Owner, The Loop Audio Video, LLC