IACP logoThe tradeshow floor can be a downright jungle. Every company is vying for visitors’ attention, showing their flashiest products under with bright lights and big signage.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) Conference is no different. Booths there display helicopters, firearms, tactical equipment and video surveillance solutions, among many other eye-catching products.

CertifiedFETI knew they had an important product to share at IACP. Their educational system trains officers how to interview trauma victims. But how could they compete with the noise of the show floor, without a flashy product to show?

Seeing the creative solutions that we’ve done for many other companies, CertifiedFETI turned to TideLine Design.

Design Through Listening and Creative Thinking

At TideLine, our approach to booth design is never cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all. Each company and each tradeshow are very different.

To get the best results, the booth design has to be different, too.  TideLine has incorporated a duck blind, neon-lit chairs, and even an igloo into our designs.

As designers with a graphics-first philosophy, we listen to the company story and design a booth that tells it best.

We were eager for the challenge facing CertifiedFETI at IACP after hearing their company story and their goals for the conference. 

The booth design would need to consider that police officers would be the main attendees at IACP, which brings a unique mindset. There would be fierce competition with flashier products on the floor. And CertifiedFETI wanted to be budget-conscious with their design, as well.

Collaborating With Clients in the Creative Process

The booth design went through many renderings, which we provide all customers for free during the design process.

We moved away from some early ideas, like enclosed rooms or bridges, knowing they wouldn’t appeal to the attendees. And we considered several different frameworks, including a rental system with a major focus on graphics, to design the booth with a budget-first approach.

Our final concept simply embraced CertifiedFETI’s difference on the show floor. As their technique focuses on ways to equip officers’ minds, we incorporated a healthy alternative to the sugary treats everywhere else at the show: a smoothie station we called The Brain Bar!

We built the smoothie bar with an open traffic flow around it, to encourage conversation with CertifiedFETI representatives. The booth used eye-catching elements, too: a large hanging banner and a 16×10 tower, and freestanding lightboxes with testimonials at eye level. The signage gave customers information on CertifiedFETI as they enjoyed their smoothies.

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We left the 20×30 space open and inviting, with vinyl flooring as a visual divider. It made the booth a learning space separate from the eye candy of the rest of the show.

What are your goals? TideLine will get you there.

Our collaborative design process is about listening and evaluating many options. We balance a company’s needs with its wants and its budget. Adding in exceptional creativity and years of experience, we can deliver a brand experience your audience can truly engage with.

For CertifiedFETI, the process worked so well, they’re attending the show again with the same booth! Despite the distractions around them, IACP was a success for CertifiedFETI. The show gained them lots of leads and business, and they were able to target the clients they wanted to expand their brand.

If you are interested in working through this creative process with us, to make your next show your best one yet, give us a call!

Booth renderings are always free. We provide quotes and consultation with no obligation, as well.

We’re confident that you’ll be excited to work with us once we begin!