Blaklader has been making professional workwear since 1959. Today Blaklader is one of Sweden’s leading producers of heavy working clothes. Functionality, Durability and Design – Blaklader garments are not designed as leisure wear or bar apparel. Their products are designed for one thing and one thing only, WORK! If those traits are important to you, then your only choice is Blaklader workwear!

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Blaklader was gearing up for the National Safety Council Congress & Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center.  They were looking for a clever way to display their stunning graphics and exceptional workwear clothing lines.  Inspired by the steel I-beam renderings produced by their European divisions, we set out to produce an substantial exhibit to compliment their brand. Up against budget and shipping constraints, our task was to create a custom exhibit that had the appearance of a heavy steel exhibit without the weight and cost. The display needed to be structural enough to accommodate their heavy work gear, but light enough not to cost a fortune in shipping and drayage fees (the trade show’s material handling fees).

With limited budget, there was no way to produce this exhibit with one of the “systems or system manufacturers.” Utilizing aluminum would have been way too costly. Additionally, the Client required a blue Pantone match to the steel beams.  Powder-coating would have added even more cost. So, knowing what materials and processes we couldn’t use, our mission and challenge was how to build this in a way that would accommodate the Client’s budget, brand, vision, and function.


We decided the best way to produce this exhibit was to custom build it from the ground up. By using lightweight wood materials, we made the I-beams to look heavy and as if made of powder-coated steel. We intentionally made them wide to further emphasize the structure. To keep the structure light we stretched dye-sublimated fabric graphics in between the uprights. This would also allow the Client to be able to change the graphics from show to show. Accenting the graphics with puck LED lighting added depth to the beams bringing the brand alive. The Client utilizes videos of their products at their shows, so we float mounted a large TV above a center structural counter.  Finally, we finished the space with a new vinyl tile flooring product to bring it all together.  All said, a HUGE success!


“Our new display from TideLine Design came out great.  The creative process was easy and the team was great to work with.  When all was said and done, they delivered exactly what we discussed on time and on budget without any hassle.  We will use them again in the future for sure!”
                                            -– Marcus Carlberg, President, North America,Blaklader Workwear, LLC.