You’ve put the work in! You’ve booked your travel, paid for your booth space, and have your “good clothes” packed and ready to dazzle the crowd. But are you really ready for your next trade show? Each time you participate in a trade show you have a wonderful opportunity to build your brand! Not only are you getting a chance to “grip and grin” with your potential customers, but you get to display your beautiful trade show exhibits and share your story with thousands of interested consumers.

To make the most of your trade show, think about the big picture with questions like these: Do you have material ready to hand out? Does it accurately relay the story of your company? Have you ensured your web presence is consistent with your trade show presence? Do you follow up with companies online after picking up their marketing materials? We sure do! It means a lot to us when we see a consistent message both in person and online. Think about what type of questions visitors to your exhibit may ask and be ready to answer them! If you plan ahead you’ll have a great opportunity to impress potential new customers. You never know who may walk past your display.

If you’re just beginning to plan for a trade show, use our handy questionnaire to start thinking through everything!

Each time you attend a trade show, you also have an opportunity to be a thought leader in your industry. If you have enough quality content that’s been well thought out and planned, you’ll leave your competition in the dust! This is just one idea. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review gives you six more ways to become a thought leader in your industry.  The trade show circuit can become a little mundane at times…everyone that’s worked it knows that! But, if you’re ready to take your business to the next level, take advantage of these opportunities to stand out among the crowd…have top quality trade show exhibits, lots of quality content, a consistent message, and strive to become a thought leader whenever possible!