Some may ask, what is the value of a clear and well designed sign? Well, picture yourself driving down a highway that lacks any form of signage. No exit signs, no directional signs, no mile markers, etc. Now, imagine that there are signs, but there are extra graphics and unnecessary words littered all over the design, requiring you to really search for the needed information. Well designed signs are a necessity for proper communication. Here at Tideline Design we understand this aspect of sign design and creation. We focus on creating ways to make signs visually pleasing while still preserving their true functionally of directing and informing.


CS Beef Packers, LLC is the result of a partnership between Caviness Beef Packers and the JR Simplot Company. This company was formed for the harvesting and packaging of local beef. Being a fairly new company and having just finished construction and commencement of operations this past Spring of 2017, they entrusted Tideline Design with designing and producing basically all signage for the new plant.

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One of the challenges that we faced with this project was ensuring brand consistency throughout each sign, including those of various dimensions. Each sign needed to correlate with the CS Beef brand and maintain a uniform design. Another challenge that we faced was choosing the appropriate materials for these signs to withstand the outdoor elements of the CS Beef environment, such as sun, wind, dirt, rain, and snow. Lastly, being a new facility with a high influx of vendors and visitors, we needed to get these signs produced and to the clients quickly, which meant facing the challenge of a quick turnaround time.


We were able to insure brand consistency throughout all of the signage by using the provided brand logo, fonts, and color schemes across all of the designs. Although this was made trickier due to the various sign dimensions, we edited each sign’s logo size and fonts accordingly while still abiding by brand guidelines. We chose to print these signs direct to dibond due to the outdoor use that these signs were intended for. The dibond material is waterproof and can easily withstand an outdoor environment. For the majority of these sign projects, we had the product designed, approved by the client, and sent to print within the day. This made it possible to achieve the vital aspect of a quick turnaround time.

Client Testimonial

“I have enjoyed working with Tideline. They design the signs exactly how I want. They get my signs made and back to me in a timely manner. Pricing is great. I would most definitely recommend Tideline for your next sign design project.” 
                                                                     – Sarah Hettenbach, Purchasing Assistant, CS Beef Packers