No matter what industry you are in, odds are there is at least one trade show your business could benefit from taking part in. Building, designing and setting up your trade show booth is what we do at TideLine Design. We help you in every aspect of the trade show experience to make the most of your trade show exhibit. We can even help you staff and manage your booth for the duration of the industry tradeshow. We’ll even take down your booth and ship it to the next event if you need us to. With our comprehensive range of exhibit services, all you really have to do is sit back and watch your business grow!


When an organization approaches us to design and build a trade show booth, we know they are serious about expanding their business and growing their brand. TideLine Design can help you increase your presence on the trade show floor with stunning graphics that compliment your marketing message. With our broad array of trade show services, we’ll even fill out the paperwork for you, book travel and hotel arrangements, and find union labor to set up and tear down your exhibit. We even have a large storage facility with low cost per square foot. We like to take a comprehensive approach to your trade show needs, so you can do what you do best: share your products, services and ideas with the world.


While we handle most aspects of your next trade show exhibit, when it comes down to show time, you’ll want the best, most professional and informative staff to work at your exhibit. These people are going to be the face of your brand to thousands of trade show attendees, many of whom may have never heard of you before. They should be courteous and professional without any pushy or gimmicky sales techniques.


We thought we’d take some time here to point out three of the most common unprofessional habits we’ve seen from our experience at various trade shows over the twenty years we’ve been in the industry.

  1. Too much talking, not enough listening.


Asking questions is an important part of any successful sales pitch. On a busy tradeshow floor, it is easy to find yourself or your exhibit staff doing all of the talking. This is perhaps the most common bad habit we see from people working at a trade show booth. After all, for a sales person it can be an easy habit to form, but a harder one to break.


Remember that the trade show attendees who visit your booth are, in fact, people too! Just like anyone else, they have wants, needs, and desires. If they’ve expressed enough interest by simply stopping at your booth, perhaps they could benefit from your products or services.


This is a great time to ask them questions! Talk with them instead of at them. This will greatly help you personalize your approach on an individual level. It will also help you determine how they could potentially benefit from your products or services. No one wants to hear the rehearsed sales speech you’ve said a million times before. Mix it up and make it unique by getting to know people a little before you throw them your best, targeted sales pitch!


  1. Avoid using your phone or tablet while in the booth.


We’ve all seen it, everywhere we go. People are looking at their smartphone screens at airports, schools, restaurants, and yes, even trade shows. Screen time is increasing seemingly exponentially as technology becomes a more integral part of our daily lives. When you’re representing a brand at an exhibit on a trade show floor, it just makes you look really bad. That perception can reflect poorly upon the brand as a whole.


The only real exception for this would be if you’re making a call back to your head office to help a potential client with some information. Otherwise, keep it in your pocket or under a table where it’s out of reach and you aren’t being constantly tempted to pull it out and look at it.

When someone walks by your booth and sees someone looking down at their phone, it makes the booth seem far less approachable. The trade show attendees will get the impression that you’re too busy to speak with them, or that they’ll be interrupting your intense game of Candy Crush. They’ll be far more likely to move on to the next booth and you definitely don’t want that to happen.


  1. Don’t pack up the booth and leave until the trade show is over.


We’ve attended a LOT of trade shows. One of the craziest things we see are people who pay to have their exhibit at a weekend tradeshow, only to pack up early on the last day. Maybe it’s because they need to make their flights or because the staff is simply just tired of being there. We know, the weekend events can seem long, but leaving early is just a great way to miss out on more promising leads.


Some people simply aren’t able to attend the trade show until the last day. Maybe because they’re busy creating an empire. But now they’re here and your brand is nowhere to be found. A lot of people tell us that nothing happens on day three of the trade show. From our experiences, we can tell you that big things DO happen on the last day.


Busy, productive people like to attend on the last day. Since the crowd is much thinner, they can spend more time talking to your sales representatives about your brand. We’ve seen a lot of big deals happen in just the last couple of hours of a trade show. Sometimes it’s because the potential client wants to think it over for a few days before making a final decision. You’ve spent so much time and resources on this event, so why not make the most of it by seeing the trade show out until the end.


If you’re packing up early because you don’t have time to make your flight, or you have a long distance to travel, let TideLine Design do the packing for you! We handle both set-up and tear-down and we can even ship your exhibit to the next event, your corporate headquarters, or to our own storage facility. Find out more about TideLine Design’s comprehensive suite of trade show products and services. Call us today for a free consultation! We’re excited to talk you through any of your tradeshow questions or needs.

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