Do You Want To Enjoy Trade Shows Again?

July 31 2018

Remember your first trade show? A recent promotion put you in the hot seat. Now you have to order new graphics or booth properties, fill out the paperwork for shipping, drayage, material handling, electrical, union labor, get your plane tickets, and book your hotel room. Maybe this is the first trade show you’ve ever been to. After you land and get to your hotel you scout out the show floor to make sure your booth and equipment arrived and everything is in order. You realize the next day will be spent putting your booth together and sigh residing to go to your room instead of the hotel bar.

If it works, don’t fix it! ...or just clean it up a little bit.

July 20 2018

Seasoned sales and marketing staff find it difficult to embrace change especially when they’ve exhibited a certain way, with a certain booth, at the same shows, for several years. Like your aging home, sometimes you just need to spruce things up a bit. Pets Global’s sales and market share has been on a rapid rise. To showcase their success, they approached TideLine Design, Inc. to help redefine their space to better reflect their brand, while maintaining the flow and process they and their attendees had grown used to.

Trade Show Hurricane

April 03 2018

Garbage... The trade show industry is one of the leading  contributors to land fill waste. In fact, the 90 billion dollar per year industry is the second lead ingcontributor to landfill waste next to construction.This is no secret for anyone who has hung around after the tear down of the venue they’ve exhibited at. The amount of trash generated at these venues is truly overwhelming. Have you ever considered how much garbage we dispose of during show set up. Our estimates are that the trash is doubled after the show with unwanted and unused materials. Compound this by the thousands of venues in thousands of cities and your head will spin by the shear mountains of garbage we generate. As exhibit designers and producers of custom trade show displays, we struggle with the negative impact we have on the environment. So, after 20 years of managing trade show programs, here are some of our thoughts regarding trash reduction and alleviating some the environmental impact we have.

Sawtooth Outdoor Products - Budget Booth Turned Big Business

January 17 2018

Dan Ady, founder of Sawtooth Outdoor Products, a small business located here in the Treasure Valley reached out to us to design a booth for the upcoming ATA show.  Dan currently holds several pattens but was wanting to market his most recent, and very creative product… the Serveless Peep It.  It acts as a peep site for bow hunters.  While that idea isn’t new, Dan has come up with a way of making the installation of this peep site take only a few seconds.

Black Box VR CES 2018 Best Startup and Innovation Awards Honoree

January 16 2018

STARTUP!  You’ve invested so much time, money, blood, sweat, and lots of tears to get your company to this point. It’s time to launch at the big show. The costs are overwhelming, the logistics daunting, you’re being pulled in every direction, you don’t have time for much of anything and everything is riding on succeeding at CES. With so much riding on your official launch, you need to put in your experienced, all-star quarterback. Your choice is TideLine Design, Inc. We understand what is riding on your success and we design, build and manage your exhibit environment accordingly.

High Quality Photos, High Quality Service

October 25 2017

One challenge that we face regularly in the Trade Show design and build business is having to work around designing with low resolution photos. Companies will often come to us with what appears to be a quality resolution photo, but what happens when that photo is blown up to fill a 10x10 space? It takes an especially high quality image to take it to large format print. Although we go the extra mile to make the photos work in these situations, sometimes sacrifices in layout have to be made. In these situations the lesson is learned to always shoot in the highest resolution possible, because you never know where you’re going to need it.

All Signs Point to Tideline

September 25 2017

Some may ask, what is the value of a clear and well designed sign? Well, picture yourself driving down a highway that lacks any form of signage. No exit signs, no directional signs, no mile markers, etc. Now, imagine that there are signs, but there are extra graphics and unnecessary words littered all over the design, requiring you to really search for the needed information. Well designed signs are a necessity for proper communication. Here at Tideline Design we understand this aspect of sign design and creation. We focus on creating ways to make signs visually pleasing while still preserving their true functionally of directing and informing.

Brand v.s. Olympic Gold Medalist

January 31 2017

Balance... Olympic Gold Medalist v.s. Brand v.s Product v.s Message. For this year’s Potato Expo, Simplot‘s Plant Science Group wanted to promote their Innate brand as the “gold standard” in the industry. To emphasise this fact they brought with them one of their sponsored athletes: Olympic gold cycling medalist, Kristin Armstrong.  Management’s expectations of TideLine Design were high based on the success and creativity of the 2016 Exhibit. Expectations and theme defined, it was up to the Our task was to design and produce an environment that eqaualed  that showcased the brand, product and accomplishments of Kristin. Our space this year was a 20x30 floorplan located left of the entrance. There was a large wall and Column located on either side of our space complicating our efforts. Additionally, we were handed a strict budget for everything to also include the costs for all accillerary show and support services.  

Wada Farms - Our Promise… Delivered!

November 26 2016

Interpreting corporate and marketing communication objectives in the form of a traveling sales environment is no easy task. Collectively combining your company’s opinions into a cohesive trade show and event mission will often result in disconnected and unrealistic aspirations. As you approach the overwhelming task of deciphering your company’s mission (as it relates to your trade show exhibit), you should first find a reliable exhibit house to design, build and manage your exhibit program. It is absolutely critical that you choose a partner that shares your vision and is capable of delivering your objectives. It is for this reason that TideLine Design is your best option for understanding and delivering on your goals. In this case study we examine the unique needs of Wada Farms and the solutions that were derived and delivered, reiterating our tagline: Our Promise... Delivered!

Blaklader’s “Steel” I-beem Trade Show Display

October 28 2016

Balance... design, materials, build, aesthetic shipping, sales, marketing.  We all want the best when it comes to our brand, presentation and representation of our companies. Balancing goals, budgets, logistics to the physical constraints trade shows present is difficult. Often our visions of grandeur need to be checked and reigned in by an experienced event veteran. In the case with Blaklader, we examine budget constraints vs. visual goals and how to build a unique, functional display without breaking the bank. TideLine Designs solution and results behind building a steel beam display. 

Creative Juices Drying Up? It’s OK! Help Has Arrived!

September 20 2016

Being a “creative” agency can be difficult. Especially when you’re trying to force creativity…it’s either there or it’s not. As marketing communications professionals we can’t afford an off day when it comes to creativity. As a business owner, neither can you, especially if you're heading to an important trade show and need to make the right impression! Here are a few ideas to help knock down those creative barriers and let you get back to work!

Realized ROI and Increased Booth Traffic

August 24 2016

Functional elegance and balance. Trade show furniture design is unique in that the displays must be modular, functional, lightweight yet durable enough to withstand the vigor of travel and repeated setup and tear down. Approaching Lotus Vaping Technology’s product display needs posed a unique challenge in that their displays had to possess all those elements including affordability. For them, the only solution was our exclusive FreeLine Counter System. With limitless size, shape, lighting and graphic possibilities, this is the ideal trade show counter for any exhibitor.

3 Questions to Answer Before Buying Your Trade Show Exhibit

August 23 2016

So you’ve decided to up your game and invest in a professionally designed trade show exhibit! That’s great news! Before you spend the money, take some time and really think about what you want to achieve. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Thousands of people will see your exhibit. Make sure it’s everything it can be!So you’ve decided to up your game and invest in a professionally designed trade show exhibit! That’s great news! Before you spend the money, take some time and really think about what you want to achieve. This is not a decision to be taken lightly. Thousands of people will see your exhibit. Make sure it’s everything it can be!

Stand out in the crowd

May 15 2016

Stand out in the crowd!  We intentionally chose a crowded shot of this beautiful exhibit to show how important lighting is at these shows. The average human height in America is about 5’5”. The maximum height of your inline exhibit can only be 8’. This leaves us with only about 31” of viewable area to make an impression. Creating a show-stopping message with such little space, is a tough task. We’ve been combating this difficulty with large light boxes. The light permeates through the crowd and like moths we can’t help but to look, admire and inquire.


April 18 2016

After 16 years of designing exhibits, we too need to remind ourselves of the fundamentals of good exhibit space design. How does one small 10x10 space stand out from the next? With the affordability of large-format graphics, giveaways, technology, etc., what differentiates one exhibit from the other. In our opinion, it’s the subtle attention to details. It’s never a big splash or clap of thunder, it’s always the small details that stop an audience or turn their head for a second look. We detailed Plexis’ space with real butcher block and LED lighting, which created eye-stopping results.

Focused Marketing

March 29 2016

Focused marketing is a mantra at TideLine Design. As with every good painting, a successful exhibit environment should intentionally focus a viewer’s eye within the space. Starting with large, simplistic, eye-catching graphics, TideLine attracts viewers and maximizes our client’s event presence. We build our product displays to compliment exhibit space and attract attendees’ vision from traveling further. BITwave needed an exhibit that would draw attention, educate attendees, and display its product. With limited time and budget, they tasked TideLine Design to build out a space they could use in both island and inline configurations, while balancing budget, functionality, portability, and style.

Exhibit… Differently!

February 01 2016

Smart, simple, different ... effective. The question: How to promote a new potato capable of being cold stored at the Potato Expo, with a limited budget and no existing exhibit properties?. The answer took several creative brainstorming sessions and a willingness to push status quo. The igloo became our centerpiece as a way to force the question from every attendee: “Why an igloo at a potato expo?” The exhibit showcased a nice juxtaposition between theme, traditional visuals and functional space. In the end, TideLine provided Simplot Plant Sciences with measurable ROI and results.

Go-To Marketing

January 12 2016

Piramal Healthcare, one of the most recognizable and respected names in the pharmaceuticals industry, has trusted TideLine Design with their trade show marketing for more than eight years. Whether Piramal Healthcare’s marketing needs are for small corporate events or national venues, TideLine Design has the talent and experience to get them there, on time, and within budget. Join Piramal and entrust TideLine with your marketing and communication deliverables – from simple collateral design to complex tradeshow environments.

Work with a Trade Show Display Company You Can Trust

December 14 2015

Trust! TideLine Design is committed to providing the highest level of service to marketing communication professionals. We strive for long-lasting partnerships that span every aspect of trade show displays and graphics. For more than seven years, Kronus has trusted TideLine with their brand. We value that trust by continually educating ourselves on best practices, products, trends, processes and materials to use in our exhibit designs. Our mission is service and dedication for your success. We strive for long-lasting partnerships you can rely on year after year.

Budget Conscious Trade Show Display

December 01 2015

Pack-a-Punch! Understanding how to brand effectively and stretch a marketing budget is crucial to any marketing manager’s success. FreshPoint did just this with TideLine Design, utilizing our GenLine displays as a foundation for future branding. The graphic design and photography resulted in this vivid and eye-catching display. The client effectively made this space their own by intelligently accenting the environment with visual props that complimented their brand. TideLine Design created other brand points for FreshPoint with the fitted table covers and large retractable banner stand.

Logo Design and Company Branding

November 23 2015

Partnership ... Our philosophy is not job based. We believe that our difference and value is in the “why.” By questioning why, we are able to produce better results and ROI. What sets TideLine Design apart is our ability to create and deliver as if we were employees of your company. We are interested in long-term, relationship-driven marketing deliverables. Bark Avenue is an example of how we care for our Clients. Since their inception, TideLine Design has been part of the Bark Avenue marketing strategy. We have been honored and privileged to serve and call them a Client over the years.

Customize Your Trade Show Displays

November 10 2015

The Loop designs, sells, and installs audio, video, and control systems, leveraging both their clients’ existing hardware and new hardware. The Loop approached TideLine Design looking for additions to their existing display and 10x20 floor plan. They owned, and were happy with a decorative truss system, which allowed them to project on a large screen toward the back of their exhibit space. They were looking for a portable way to display examples of products and services they provide that separate them from their closest competitor.